Hockey at Selborne Primary has grown since its inception during the 1990s. Hockey is a winter extra-mural option for boys in the second and third term of the calendar year.

Hockey is a game that requires speed and skill. It has grown hugely in popularity since the 1990’s when it first started at Selborne. Today, the popular game it played by many boys at Selborne. Mini hockey is played at u9 and u10 level before full field hockey takes over at u11. Our relationship with our College means that we have access to the College astroturf.

Local league fixtures take place on Tuesday afternoons with the traditional rivals such as Queens, Dale and Grey fixtures taking place on Fridays. The u13 hockey side participate in the annual Grey Junior Hockey Festival in the beginning of the season and end of their season with the annual SA Prep Schools Hockey Festival. This festival attracts many of the top local hockey sides from around the country and is an excellent way in which to test ourselves against opposition from further afield.