Where all boys belong

The brotherhood of the black and white begins the minute your son steps through our Pups gates.

A Selborne family, instilling core values and excellent manners, is what awaits your boys and will drive him to be the best version of himself.

Join us and be part of the black and white.

Palma Virtuti – reward is to the brave

Please note: Applications for 2025 are closed

Where brothers are made.

Our classes

Selborne Pups consists of four Gr RR classes and four Gr R classes. There are approximately 24 boys in every class. 


Throughout the year, we cover a variety of themes. Creative activities are focused on the theme for the week. Boys are stimulated to explore a variety of media and incorporate new skills into their artwork. 


Stories are read to the boys every day. This facilitates the development of a strong imagination, listening skills, creativity and a love for books. 

Our mission

We strive to be a community where boys are offered a balanced education, inspired to be diverse thinkers and nurtured to be secure, value-driven young men.