Culture at Selborne Primary

A celebration of art and talent

The Department consists of qualified and experienced teachers who offer a high standard of tuition. The goal is to inspire students to think creatively;  encouraging and motivating them to push their boundaries.

In 1923, Col Smedley-Williams became the first Headmaster of an independent primary school. His vision was to start a school with a difference. One where Music would be an important subject and Art would be taught for the sake of it. 100 years later and Selborne remains a different school of thought where our MAD department is the soul of the school.


Music plays a significant role in the curriculum and forms a large and vital part of the cultural activities.  Individual tuition is offered in piano, flute, clarinet, saxophone, recorder and drum kit.  Students take part in various ensembles, concerts, festivals and Eisteddfodau throughout the year.



In the Art classes, the aim is to create a safe, calm environment where students can be creative, happy and constructively engaged.  Students have the opportunity to display their art work at various exhibitions.

Creativity takes courage.



The Drama Studio is a happy, fun filled, safe space to explore creativity and imagination.  Students learn about life and the skills that help them to navigate their way as they grow.  

The MAD Department has a collaborative production in the form of a school play, involving all the students from grades 4 to 7.  

Feed the body food and drink, it will survive today.
Feed the soul art and music, it will live forever.