Our aim is to be one of the top boys' schools in South Africa.

Why choose Selborne?

An environment with only boys has many benefits:

  • On average, boys and girls develop at different rates. This allows us to focus our education on boys specifically.
  • An international, longitudinal study has shown that boys at monastic schools outperform their counterparts over a range of data at university level.
  • A sense of belonging.
  • A global network after leaving school.

I am about to start a new school, one with a difference.


Our values

Our values form the foundation of everything we do. We strive to instill in our boys the qualities that will guide them towards a brighter future. Our values are represented by the acronym LIGHT, and they serve as a compass to navigate the path of personal growth and success.


We foster an environment where boys and Selborne staff support and stand by each other, building strong bonds of friendship and camaraderie. Loyalty teaches us the importance of commitment, reliability, and trustworthiness, enabling us to create a community where everyone feels valued and supported.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our values. We emphasise the significance of honesty, ethics, and moral principles. Our boys are encouraged to demonstrate integrity in their actions, even when faced with difficult choices. By upholding high standards of integrity, we cultivate a culture of trust, fairness, and accountability.


We recognise that achieving greatness often requires perseverance and determination. Grit is the quality that propels us forward in the face of challenges. At Selborne Primary we encourage our boys to embrace the notion of never giving up. Through resilience and a strong work ethic, boys develop the inner strength and courage to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.


We believe that true greatness is rooted in humility. Our boys are encouraged to embrace humility as a guiding principle in their interactions with others. By recognising and appreciating the strengths and accomplishments of others, they foster a culture of mutual respect, empathy, and inclusivity.


Truth serves as the guiding light that illuminates our path. We emphasise the importance of seeking and speaking the truth in all aspects of life. Boys are encouraged to value intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and open-mindedness. By pursuing truth, students develop a deeper understanding of the world around them and become responsible and informed global citizens.

We strive to be a community where boys are offered a balanced education, inspired to be diverse thinkers and nurtured to be secure, values-driven young men.


Interactions with Clarendon

My son needs to interact with girls!

Selborne is able to offer the best of both worlds. Our relationship with our sister school remains strong. Each term, the boys are afforded an opportunity to interact with the Clarendon girls. This takes place from Grade RR to Grade 7. Over the years, many strong friendships are formed through the interactions. The interactions include sport, social and academic get togethers.

Founded in 1872.
Staying relevant today.

Steeped in history, Selborne Primary has its roots in the Panmure School. This school was founded in 1872. Even in those early days it was evident that boys and girls learn completely differently. In 1902 this led to the separation of the school into 4 schools. This includes Selborne College, Selborne Primary, College Street and our sister schools Clarendon School for Girls.

Selborne boys (Grade RR - 7)
dedicated staff members


They say it takes a village...