Academics at Selborne Primary

The foundation of it all

There is no doubt that boys and girls learn differently.

Therein lies the true benefit of choosing Selborne for the education of your son. Selborne Primary balances a progressive approach to education within a traditional context. We believe in the very real benefit of creating an environment that caters for the holistic education of the boys.

The opportunity of teaching boys occurs in the classroom, on the playground, in the music room and on the sports field, and indeed, anywhere that a learning moment arises. It is our aim to create learners with a strong work ethic, a desire for lifelong learning and the skills needed to face their futures in a fast changing world.

Foundation Phase

Grade 1 – 3

This phase is the foundation of all learning. A focus on the important aspects of education, namely reading and writing is balanced with the use of technology through tablets and the latest in educational apps. The focus on teaching boys with stations, movement and a variety of approaches ensure that every Selbornian is given an opportunity to learn. 6 bricks enhances the boys experience of teaching and learning.

Intersen Phase

Grade 4 – 6

The transition to a more traditional approach to teaching and learning is balanced through the introduction of Google classroom and the use of Chromebooks to enhance the boys learning experience. More independence is fostered and boys need to learn to navigate a digital workspace.

Senior Phase

Grade 7

This final phase in primary school includes our Grade 7 boys. As such, it is our goal to prepare our boys for high school.. more subject specialisation takes place. Whilst the boys still benefit from our modern school of thought, a more traditional approach is followed based on expectations of high school.