Academics at Selborne Primary

The foundation of it all

We believe in the very real benefit of creating an environment that caters for the holistic education of boys.

The opportunity of teaching boys occurs in the classroom, on the playground, in the music room and on the sports field, and indeed, anywhere a learning moment arises. It is our aim to create learners with a strong work ethic, a desire for lifelong learning and the skills needed to face their futures in a fast changing world. 

With this in mind, the academics of Selborne Primary is focused on education towards the brain of boys. This may involve more tinkering and experimentation, and occasionally more noise than one would normally find in a school environment, but this is how boys learn most effectively.


We follow an inclusive education policy and is able to both support learners, where necessary, as well as extend and challenge learners as they strive for excellence in their academic endeavours. Selborne Primary, as a government school, has to follow the CAPS curriculum. We do, however, believe that whilst covering the necessary curriculum, we can highlight certain areas and extend the boys academically.

Technology is an important part of our educational philosophy at Selborne, but one which we strive to balance with the “old school basics”. The Foundation Phase boys are exposed to technology via tablets both in the classroom and in weekly lessons in the IT Laboratory. In Grade 4 we expect the boys to provide a chromebook as part of their stationery requirements. This is used for the next three years in all subjects to varying degrees. Certain subjects, such as natural science and, lend themselves more to the use of technology than others, such as mathematics.

By the end of Grade 7, we are confident that the academic programme at Selborne will produce a young gentleman who has a thirst for knowledge as well as the confidence and skills to face the challenges he may face in his future.

Foundation Phase

Grade 1 – 3

Our colourful, purposefully designed classroom and outdoor areas reflect an ideology that includes a focus on inclusivity, differentiation and academic excellence.

Intersen & Senior Phases

Grade 4 – 7

Our teaching methods are focused on boys and their busy nature.